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Heeding the call of the Lord can be a very daunting prospect. It requires discipline, preparation, breaking and faith. Over the past years, I have also realized that the ones who make it and succeed are the ones who receive support. So I surrender to the call and thank you kindly for your continued support.

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Support Marsha J

Thank You

My music career began with a prophecy, but catapulted after winning the 2016 Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Gospel Song Competition. To the team, implementers and governors of JCDC, and the Government of Jamaica by extension, I say thank you. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has sewn into my ministry. I also thank everyone who contributed to the success of my first album – Favor. To God be all the glory, may His influence be felt in my worship. To Stacy Brown, these words are insufficient - but thank you. You have demonstrated a degree of friendship that is worthy of recognition.


First, I’d like to thank Stile Records for investing in me. Without your faith in me, my dream to be an artist would not have manifested so timely. Therefore, I want to say thanks to Karl Marrett for producing all the music on the album and penning most of the lyrics. Thanks to Easton Marrett for gifting me with the lyrics for Slain for me and Happiness Blooms in Red; and Keith Marrett for allowing me to sing his song ‘Spiritual Food’.

My brand Marsha J came to life when I met my Manager, Publicist and Coach, Coach Racquel. You have helped me transform me into the professional I am today and so to you I owe my gratitude. I would like to acknowledge GoInspired Jamaica Foundation, my management team especially Akeelim Hamilton for your tremendous work with Marsha J Ministries.


To my family, especially mom and dad, you are my foundation - my rock! You carried me through my darkest days and stayed with me when things are great. Thanks to my close friends as well, fans, followers, spiritual family and supporters. I have faith that you will each get your own copy of this album. Thanks for sowing into me as I continue to work for the Kingdom.


I want to use these final words of gratitude to salute my band who show up for all my live performances. Evangelist Kadine McKenzie, Philroy Facey, Phillip Whynn, Kirkland Tulloch, Davian Barnett, Johnoy Harrison and Rovel Morris a hearty thank you!

If I forgot your name, it is not because I did not value your support, THANK YOU!

Special thanks to all my paying clients who invest in this ministry so that I can do the work that I have been called by God to do.


Minister Marsha J

Ordained Minister, Singer, Songwriter and Worship Leader.

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