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Our relationship with our clients is a lifetime experience. We are there from engagement through all family milestones; as long as they desire to have us with them.

Marsha J, Royal Events

Does this sound like you?

  1. Need help attracting Mr or Mrs Right?
  2. Feeling the "she's of he's the one" bug and thinking of proposing?
  3. Planning the wedding becoming a headache?
  4. First come marriage, now here comes baby?!
  5. Looking for an inspiring way to say goodbye to yesterday?
  6. Celebrating the final day on earth for a loved one?
Then you are at the right place.

“We wanted two locations for our big day, a seaview and use of a church hall, Royal Events made it happen and we were pleased” 

— Jeremy & Lloye

"OMG! The service better than we expected. She took us to a bridal event, became our personal shopper, flew out of the country to ensure our unique items"

— Clayton & Yanique

Why Join Our Singles Project?

  • Gain FREE access to our dating app
    1. More than half of Americans (54%) say relationships that begin on a dating site or app are just as successful as those that begin in person​ (PEW Research)
    2. Roughly six-in-ten online daters (57%) say they have had an overall positive experience with these platforms (PEW Research)
    3. 66% of online daters have gone on a date with someone they met through a dating site or app, and 23% of online daters say they have met a spouse or long term relationship through these sites
  • Exclusive access to singles' events
    1. More 60-63% say they met someone through friends and friendship connections. 75% of Tinder users also say they like meeting people through friends. And 25% through family. (
    2. About 37% of people surveyed say they try to meet people when they're out in a public areas. (
    3. About 27% of singles also say they look for love at events related to sports, religion, or hobbies. (
wedding registry.jpg

Why Hire Us for Weddings?

  1. We Celebrate With You

    1. Congratulatory Announcements, Wedding Story features and Special Messages in Royal Events Paper

    2. Get your own Wedding Ring Tone

  2. ​We Save You Money!

    1. Couple’s Referral Code Discount 10% [Package Fee]

    2. Early Bird special for early booking (booking at least 6 months in advance)

    3. Use any MarshaJ promo code on select marketplace, ask for listing

    4. Go Green: experience our Digital Products - Save the date, Invitation and Thank you cards. 

  3. ​We Engage Your Guests!

    1. Wedding event listing with RSVP

    2. Countdown dates with notifications

    3. Keep guests updated throughout the process

    4. Get feedback on their journey with you

  4. ​You Keep Earning After Wedding

    1. Join our Affiliate/Referral Program and earn up to 25%.

    2. Earn Bonus! on multi-referral and international referrals

    3. Also earn loyalty points to save on your next event

  5. Life Coach Support To Create Family Life Plan To Achieve Future Goals

Why Assisted Transitions?

​Saying goodbye is a necessary but painful life milestone, we help you you manage the process
Comfort and support for loved ones with terminal illness through prayer, serenades and other celebratory events.
Live celebratory events and final goodbyes ceremonies for loved ones.
Counseling and coaching to manage grief and major life changes that cause trauma and emotional pains.

Yes! Royal Events Team!

I’m Ready To Get Started on the Path to Empowering My Family!



I understand I’m going to select from one of the family empowerment program and will receive the full package and all relevant materials for my family's needs, based on the empowerment milestone I am currently seeking to celebrate, including:

  1. Power Couple Program $754 

    1. Booking Fee ($55)

    2. Full Nuptials Wedding Plan ($90)

    3. Wedding Planner ($250)

    4. Wedding Day Coordinator ($99)

    5. Wedding Memorabilia ($110) 

    6. Family Vision Masterclass ($150)  

  2. Attract A Mate Program $230

    1. Relationship Management Plan ($90)

    2. Sign Up on App FREE ($0)

    3. Singles Event ($50)

    4. Relationship Coaching ($90) 

  3. Child Dedication Program $644

    1. Booking Fee ($55)

    2. Create A Legacy Action Plan ($90)

    3. Christening​ ($99)

    4. Baby Shower ($250)

    5. Dedication Memorabilia ($150

  4. Life Transitioning Program $703

    1. Booking Fee ($55)

    2. Life Transitioning Plan ($99)

    3. Celebration of Life Ceremony ($250)

    4. Bedside Ministering ($99)

    5. Life Celebration Memorabilia ($110)

    6. Grief Coaching or Counselling ($90)

TOTAL VALUE:      $2331


Start Your Journey To Family Empowerment.