Who We Are

About Marsha J Ministries

Marsha J Ministries is a faith based organization anchored in love, leadership, worship and wellness. The company which is  currently under the  care of GoInspired Jamaica Foundation Limited, operates under the overall goal  and mission to empower people to strive for quality of life through worship, health care and harmonious relationships.

Governing Values:

  • People driven

  • Enthusiastic team work

  • Growth environment

  • Safe and confidential service

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. Organize and implement uplifting and wholesome entertainment for public consumption

  2. Empower millennials to increase self-confidence to influence their choices for better life outcomes

  3. Fostering strong, healthy and  faith based relationships among Kings and Queens for the Kingdom

  4. Contributing to national development through charitable outreach with keys stakeholder

Let's Connect

Email: marshajministries@gmail.com

Phone: 876-357-1835

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